Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Iowa Fun

After our New York trip, Darren's family came home with us for a few days. They pretty much transformed our house, weeding and cleaning and filling our fridge with great food. Thanks for everything guys!!!

Fishing with Poppie

Notice Quincy has a handful of wildflowers. My boys are always gathering wildflowers and dandelions and clovers for me wherever they go. It makes me crazy because I have dead flowers laying around all over my house. BUT it is also very sweet. :) I love my boys!

Watching the fireflies.

Getting new summer haircuts. The only way I could convince Quincy to get his hair cut was by telling him that Stratt would be able to run faster than him if he didn't cut his hair too. Of course Quincy made them race around the house right after to make sure he was still the faster big brother.

Roasting marshmallows on the patio.

We were all chatting on the deck and Darren's sister caught this little unfortunate golf incident on video. Quincy was just trying to give some helpful tips. :)

We all thought Stratt had hit Quincy on purpose (which wouldn't be out of the ordinary), but Quincy was crying and screaming and saying, "It wasn't his fault!!! It was an accident!!" It's nice to see he will stick up for his little brother through anything. :) Thankfully no one lost any teeth, but Q did have 2 silver metal marks on his 2 front teeth where it hit. Ouch!

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