Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New York Adventure

We just got back from a fun Keele family adventure to New York. We packed in a ton of stuff and had a great time! Thanks Grammie and Poppie for making it all possible!

Niagra Falls

Hill Cumorah Pageant (A reenactment of stories from the Book of Mormon and the Savior's visit to the Americas)- Palmyra, New York

Darren's sister played Nephi's wife . . . it was awesome! Even the boys loved every minute of it.

The Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York where Joseph Smith prayed and saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. It was a really neat place, absolutely beautiful and peaceful (even with my little Stratty marching about).

New York City

Toys R Us

Times Square

John's Pizza (We thought we never would find a pizza place that would even compare to our beloved Chicago Giordano's Pizza . . . but I have to say, it was amazing!)

Gelato, mmmm!

On the subway.

A rainy day on the boat headed to the Statue of Liberty and also Ellis Island. We were able to look up some ancestors that may have come there as immigrants to Ellis Island, which was really neat.

The boys got little Statue of Liberty pens from the gift shop and at home Stratt said, "This is the Statue of Liberty and the ice cream" (talking about her torch).

Thanks to Darren's parents, we were able to go to 2 Broadway shows, Mary Poppins and The Lion King. They were both fantastic!!!! We had such a good time! Quincy told me, "Mom, I think I like plays even better than movies."

Hanging out in New York City.

Window shopping

The boys and their Aunties (minus Christa who is in Peru, of course).

The Lion King

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"So Pretty"

We don't say that much at our house with all boys, but today Stratt found my nailpolish while I was on the phone (for like 5 minutes). I actually think he did a pretty good job. I mean, he only ruined one bath mat, which is minimal destruction for his standards. And at least he didn't choose to use the bright red. This is what happens when I'm not watching Stratt like a hawk. In fact, when my Visiting Teachers came over the other evening, Stratt pulled down some curtains and broke the curtain rod and then I found him in the bathroom naked in the sink with water running, overflowing onto the floor, handsoap spilled out, and toothbrush in hand, big grin on his face. I wish I had a picture of that one. He really is a sweetheart, sometimes he just makes me crazy. :) Keeps me on my toes!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Going for a Ride

Darren just got home from Scout Camp this weekend (he's the scoutmaster at church) and so we decided to take a quick little day trip with the boys. We went to Dubuque, Iowa and rode on a super steep little railway car to see a view of the town and the Mississippi River. It was built in 1882. The boys, of course, loved it. At first it was just going to be Quincy and Darren, because I am totally afraid of heights and had no desire (or maybe I'm just totally afraid of little old rickety cable cars built over 100 years ago). But then Darren called me from the top and said he and Quincy weren't coming down until I came up. It's probably a good thing I decided to take Stratt up though, because he was down at the bottom telling everyone, "My dad and I are going to ride that train, not mom though, she's too scared. Yep, my Dad's taking me on that train." Little did he know, Darren was long gone. :) Of course the whole way up I was planning on how I would jump with Stratton to safety, just in case the cables pulling us up broke, but I did try to enjoy it a little bit. It's a good thing I have Darren around, or I would never take any risks. My boys are definitely more like Darren. :)

I can never keep shoes on Stratt, he always looks like a little orphan child. But actually, this trip I made it out the door with socks for him, but forgot the shoes. I think it's my pregnant brain. Thankfully we weren't too far from home . . . and he loved it. I'm telling ya, Mother of the Year.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Backyard Berries

Stratt and Quincy love going out and picking black raspberries. At least I have finally got them trained to not pick the red ones until they turn black.