Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wildcat Den

There is this incredible place about 15 miles from our house called Wildcat Den. It is a wilderness area filled with cliffs, caves, and in the winter very large frozen waterfalls.

This seemed like a nice, picturesque moment with Quincy playing in some water falling on his head.

Then I took a few steps back and asked Quincy to carefully but quickly GET THE HECK OUT FROM UNDER THE 500 pound sheet of ice ready to fall on his HEAD!

Here are some more pictures from Wildcat Den and some less life-threatening situations.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Quincy's latest artistic contribution to the world

This is Quincy's most recent creation. I love the scene on the top left. The other day Quincy told me that this is how he would deal with two robbers if he were ever put into such a situation. I have since framed this and taken it to work to ward off any would-be burglars.

The boys

Just a couple pictures of the boys.

Regarding the picture of Q, our good friend Bryan Smith said, "That picture of Quincy just says everything about why our kids get along so well." Yup - a little sweet, a little silly, and a lot of crazy! Never a dull moment!

A night of sledding

The other night the boys wouldn't go to bed so we decided to try to wear them out. It was about 9pm when we strapped on our winter clothes and ventured out to the backyard into the snowy night. We had a ton of fun sledding, making snow angels, and just enjoying the evening. After about an hour, a few snowballs in kids faces, much crying, and eventually complete meltdowns from exhaustion, the boys were ready to come in. They were practically out before their heads hit their pillows!


Mel says that during the past few days Quincy has spent more time rolling than walking.

A little acrobatic bed kung-fu fighting

My favorite is Quincy's crossed forearm move a few down below.

He believes that this is quite deadly . . .


Any coincidence that Stratton's grandpa's name is George?