Monday, January 19, 2009

Quincy's latest artistic contribution to the world

This is Quincy's most recent creation. I love the scene on the top left. The other day Quincy told me that this is how he would deal with two robbers if he were ever put into such a situation. I have since framed this and taken it to work to ward off any would-be burglars.


Amy said...

Your boys are so funny and cute. Nice to know you are safe against intruders :)

The Elders said...

Hey Melanie! Its Lisa Barfuss, Amanda told me about having your blog and to check it out. How cute are you guys! Your boys are grown up!! Time goes by fast. I have a 2 year old as of tomorrow. Her name is Claire. Mark, my husband, has a job in Boise now so we moved from UT. Anyway, I have a blog but its private so if your email me at I can send you an invite. Hope to hear from you soon. Cute hair too!

Spencer and Sara said...

Mel- I saw your parents at church and they told me about your blog. I was so excited. I have thought of you many times and have tried to get your parents number. So anyways your little guys are so cute. They are so big I can't believe it. Looks like you have a wonderful home in Iowa. I hope things are wonderful for you. Love, Sara Richards Hill