Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New York Adventure

We just got back from a fun Keele family adventure to New York. We packed in a ton of stuff and had a great time! Thanks Grammie and Poppie for making it all possible!

Niagra Falls

Hill Cumorah Pageant (A reenactment of stories from the Book of Mormon and the Savior's visit to the Americas)- Palmyra, New York

Darren's sister played Nephi's wife . . . it was awesome! Even the boys loved every minute of it.

The Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York where Joseph Smith prayed and saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. It was a really neat place, absolutely beautiful and peaceful (even with my little Stratty marching about).

New York City

Toys R Us

Times Square

John's Pizza (We thought we never would find a pizza place that would even compare to our beloved Chicago Giordano's Pizza . . . but I have to say, it was amazing!)

Gelato, mmmm!

On the subway.

A rainy day on the boat headed to the Statue of Liberty and also Ellis Island. We were able to look up some ancestors that may have come there as immigrants to Ellis Island, which was really neat.

The boys got little Statue of Liberty pens from the gift shop and at home Stratt said, "This is the Statue of Liberty and the ice cream" (talking about her torch).

Thanks to Darren's parents, we were able to go to 2 Broadway shows, Mary Poppins and The Lion King. They were both fantastic!!!! We had such a good time! Quincy told me, "Mom, I think I like plays even better than movies."

Hanging out in New York City.

Window shopping

The boys and their Aunties (minus Christa who is in Peru, of course).

The Lion King


Janna said...

What a GREAT trip!

rachel said...

What a fabulous vacation!! You guys look great too! Melanie you look awesome! I want to go and see the Pageant that sounds like a ton of fun!

Reinhardt Family said...

I am looking at your trip pics at your gramy and poppy''s house and am so glad that you guys had so much fun and congrats on you guys!!!

Ashley said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! We did Niagara Falls, but I'm totally jealous about the NYC part!