Thursday, August 5, 2010


This winter we took a family vacation to Florida. Of course we went there at the coldest it had been there in like 40 years! But it was still super fun. In the 70's my grandparents bought a condo on Fort Myers Beach on the Gulf of Mexico and went there to escape the winter months of Canada. I was able to visit there with my family a couple times growing up, but since they have passed away, they have gifted each of their children a couple of weeks of time there. So my mom and dad were nice enough to share their time with us and let the grandkids have their first Florida experience. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Because the first few days were the coldest, we knew we wouldn't be spending much time on the beach in our swimsuits. So after church we decided to head over to the Atlantic Ocean. That was fun until Stratt fell into the water fully clothed and almost froze to death!

Then we drove up the coast to Orlando that night for Disneyland Monday morning. Here we are in our cheap little hotel, but the boys all were so exhausted and slept great. :)

The boys had never been to Disneyland before, so they had no idea what to expect. Of course they loved it!

All Stratt wanted to do was see Mickey Mouse. I didn't even know he knew who Mickey Mouse was. We were eating lunch and I saw the parade passing by and raced Stratty out to see Mickey Mouse so we wouldn't have to go over to his house. Stratt waved and waved, so excited. I said, "Yay Stratt, you got to see Mickey Mouse." He looked at me with a sad face and said, "I didn't get to give him a hug." Long story short, we still had to wait in line forever at Mickey's house to meet him and give him a hug, but it was priceless. I still don't know how he knows who Mickey Mouse is! :)

I have to agree that Disneyland is definitely one of the happiest places on earth . . . even when it's cold outside. :)

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