Monday, September 28, 2009

What we've been up to

Darren was cleaning off his motorcycle this weekend and so Stratt pulled out his bike and decided to clean too. It was cute. He loves to do everything Dad does.

We went to a fun pumpkin festival with a spook ally and a jump house and a hayride and pumpkin patch and lots of good treats. The best part about it was everything was free except the treats and the pumpkins!

I told the boys they could pick any size pumpkin as long as they could carry it themselves. I'm a mean mom. I figure I'm carrying around enough extra weight these days already. In fact, the joke I heard many times while at the festival, "Are you trying to steal a pumpkin?" It was funny the first time. :) I was hoping the bumpy hayride would help me get this baby here faster, but no such luck.

Here's Stratt Struggling to carry his pumpkin.

I love this pic of the boys. It's hard to see Stratt's expression in the background, but it looks like he's thinking about something very interesting.

Fishing night with Daddy.

A recent huge belly shot . . . the baby is due any day!

My handsome church boys.

High School Homecoming football game with Dad.

I love it when my boys get along . . . it is a rare and beautiful thing.

Feeding the ducks at the park with Stratt.

We're finally a 2 car family!!! We've had 1 car for 8 1/2 years and bought and sold several motorcycles and scooters along the way to get us by (but not so great in the rain and snow of Iowa). With the baby coming we finally made the step to getting a bigger second car. It has been really nice.


Kara and Kevin said...

Melanie you look great! Good luck when the baby comes. I love all the photos!

rachel said...

Can't wait to see you on here with the third cute boy!

Shanda said...

Melanie, you DO look great!!! I'm excited to pictures of your new baby! Congrats on the new car! That is so fun!