Friday, September 11, 2009

Quincy's First Day of First Grade

I can't believe Quincy is a first grader!!! He looks so old to me in this picture with his shirt all tucked in and his belt (he loves to do that). He was sad to see the summer end, and Stratt misses his big brother during the day, but Quincy loves school! Thanks Grammie and Poppie for his new school supplies!

I found these pictures of Quince when he started his first year in preschool when we were at Notre Dame. It makes me sad that he's so old now. :( Time really flies!

While Quincy was at school, Stratt spent the week hauling around a "pack-pack" full of notebooks and markers and toys and played "school." I love at the end of the day watching Stratt run down the driveway to give Quincy big hugs when he gets off the bus!

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Janna said...

I love that his shirt is tucked in and he's wearing a belt! That kid is so on his way to BYU...:)