Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Fishing

We're almost halfway through October now, but since it was 83 degrees outside I wanted to see if there was any chance the fish were still biting. So, Quincy, Stratt and I headed out to the Cedar river for a little fishing adventure.

Every time I looked up one of the boys had a fish on the line! This was the first time Stratt had an actual hook that he was casting and reeling in on his own, which was a little scary (but more fun than scary). Up until now we only let Stratt cast with one of those fake little plastic fish that comes on kid poles to keep everyone safe, but he told us, "I hate this stupid blue fish - I never catch anything!" So, Stratt went "live" tonight and loved it. And I swear that with that little fishing pole he can cast a mile. It's incredible.

The boys kept me busy pulling bass off of hooks and untangling lines. We had a great time and caught about 15 fish!

We fished until dark and came home and enjoyed a fish fry with the family. The boys had a blast.

Stratt and Q from keelefam on Vimeo.

Stratt Frog from keelefam on Vimeo.

Stratt Fish from keelefam on Vimeo.


rachel said...

K guys. Your going to have to come up to Alaska sometime to do a little fishin' Not now though we just had our first snow. Mid august or so.

janel said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look a teeny bit like the Swagger Wagon family? (Minus the kids!)