Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks for the Help!!!

Last month when the baby came we were SO lucky to have lots of great help! Thanks everyone!!! My friend Cinda took the boys over night when we had a false alarm and went to the hospital (you'd think I had never had a baby before or something). Thanks Cinda! Then my parents showed up just in time to help me with the final days. My dad entertained the boys with swinging outside and swimming at the Y.

We went to Quincy's soccer game.

Then on Sunday we listened to conference while my mom helped me sew some curtains for my room.

The baby came Monday morning and it was so nice to have my parents there to help with the boys while I was in the hospital, thanks mom and dad!!! Can't wait to see you again!

Then Judy showed up just in time as I was getting exhausted.

She was here for my birthday, so Darren and I even got to go on a date!

She even put up with being roomates with Stratt for the week (it's harder than you might think). :)

She helped with every possible project you can think of.

She is greatly missed! Thanks for all the help!!!

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Spencer and Sara said...

I love parents. What would we do without them.