Saturday, February 7, 2009

Block This

I think this is the last time Quincy asks Melanie to "block" anything...

Block This from keelefam on Vimeo.


Kimberlee said...

Quincy looks so grown up. I am sure your boys are enjoying the extra space to run around in this winter. 59 degrees helps with that as well. All your pictures are so cute. It's fun to see what your family has been up too.

dunreath said...

I'm finding a good attorney and filing for child custody! I guess by the sound of Darren's laughter
he took "the human tragedy" out of the situation!
After six months of measurable progress I may consider allowing you limited visitation of two hours every other week!!!
Grammie J

The Keeles said...

No need to hire an attorney, I'll send them to you gladly. 2 hours of visitation every other week would be great! Just kidding, I love those boys even though they do make me crazy sometimes! We miss you Grammie!
-Mel :)